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About WetTech

Wet Tech is a full-service swimming pool company for maintenance, repair and remodeling from cleaning to complete overhauls of your existing pool. We know that you spend a lot of time at work in a high-stress environment, and you love your swimming pool as a place to relax and wind down. However, pools can be a lot of work and time which you would rather spend relaxing. Wet Tech is here to remove the stress and give you back your precious time when you get home.

Standard Maintenance

Wet Tech specializes in the care and maintenance of swimming pools. Our trained technicians will be happy to maintain your pool in top-notch condition through the application of weekly maintenance and equipment checks. As part of this weekly service, we clean your pool from debris and dirt that can clog filters and pipes. We run checks on the water’s pH balance and if a repair is needed, take care of it in-house. Call us for more information on our weekly maintenance service.

Remodeling Older Pools

Wet Tech’s experts can do more than weekly maintenance. If you have an older pool, we can handle your remodel from start to finish. We discuss your upgrade with you and help you select the new equipment and design that you want. Contact us for a consultation on a swimming pool remodel.

Adding New Equipment

Texas can get pretty hot. We combat the heat by offering installations of refreshing and cool poolside features such as misting systems to reduce outdoor temperatures for daily use or when entertaining. These systems can be installed in both residential and commercial venues. Call us to learn more about adding new equipment to your current pool.

Need Functional Repairs?

Are you having issues with water loss or leakage? Something not working right? Wet Tech is happy to come out and do an inspection of your pool’s equipment to see what is causing the water loss. Our trained technicians know what to look for when examining your pool’s equipment for leaks and cracks. Contact us to find out more about our unique state-of-the-art sonar detection equipment for finding leaks and cracks.

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