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Weekly Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping your swimming pool in top-notch condition is only possible with weekly cleaning maintenance. It is important to take care of any debris and repairs before they grow into bigger issues. Wet Tech Pools is happy to provide all of your swimming pool needs, so that you can spend your off-time enjoying your pool. We take the stress of weekly maintenance off of your shoulders so that you can swim and entertain without any worries.

Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance

Water Balance

Wet Tech Pools takes care of all of your weekly maintenance to make sure that your swimming pool is working properly and water is crystal clean. We check all of the chemicals each and every week to maintain the pH and alkalinity of the water in correct balance for a healthy pool.

Weekly Cleaning

Wet Tech Pools cleans your pool weekly to keep any debris and blockages from causing damage or backing up into the pool water. Each week we clean the following areas:

  • All pool skimmer baskets
  • All pool pump baskets
  • All automatic cleaner bags
  • Check and skim water surface
  • Check and brush pool surface
  • Vacuum pool as needed

Weekly Maintenance Inspection

Wet Tech Pools knows that maintaining your poolside equipment in proper condition is a large part of keeping your swimming pool healthy and clean. Part of our weekly maintenance is inspecting pool equipment. Each week we inspect the equipment and keep it in full working order for efficient operation including:

  • All pool skimmer baskets
  • All pool pump baskets
  • All automatic cleaner bags
  • Pool backwash filter
  • Other issues that you bring to our attention as needed

Our job is to take every bit of cleaning and maintenance worry off your hands to allow you to enjoy your pool in your free time. We know how valuable your time is to you and want you to de-stress when sitting and swimming in your home swimming pool. If you need help taking care of your pool and want to learn more, contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to discuss your pool needs with you.

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